Every Piece is Unique

We ensure the look and feel of our work sublimates the imperfection of a given shape, reveals the singular quality of a fragment, utilizes the simplicity of a curve, and respects the unique character of each knot in a piece of wood.

Environmentally Conscious

We prove to others that you can still be eco-friendly while still maintaining the maximum quality of our products.

Wide Variety Products

Choose from our wide range of products ranging from the Flying Saucer series, Lantern series, Pumpkin series, Sun Flower series and many more!

Centrally Located

No matter where you are, we're located at central Singapore. Come down now to our showroom and experience lights like never before!

51 Jalan Sultan, Singapore 198975
Tel : +65 6298 0027
Fax : +65 6396 3521
Email: sales@verdelight.sg

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