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It is Venetian tradition and continuous innovation. It is uniqueness entering an environment and illuminating it.
Each and every Vistosi lamp was born out of a precise idea: that of bringing the centuries-old tradition of the Murano’s master glassmakers to innovative designs, thus creating light bodies where design and functionality find their utmost expression. And so the need to illuminate is transformed into an experience of beauty.

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Made in Italy is more than a distinctive label: it represents the very soul of the company and its success, which cannot prescind from the territory, i.e. from Venice.
Here, five centuries ago, the dreams of an entire family became reality and consolidated over time thanks to that strength and dedication to work that is typically Venetian. Here glass has found hands capable of extraordinary workmanship.
Here the reflections of water, architectural forms and decorations have always fed an artistic sensibility as unique as difficult to define.
But that's not all: Vistosi’s Made in Italy takes substance from the fascinating and successful collaboration that the company has been carrying on for decades with the most important Italian designers. 

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Being aware that the local market was saturated with unoriginal designs and copies, Verde Light sourced for a quality European product that didnt cost an arm and leg, had a quick response time and lead time. Vistosi caught our eyes with their immaculate and innovative products. What appealed to us was their vast team of designers constantly churning exciting and award winning products. On the other hand, Vistosi saw that Verde Light was committed to bringing quality to the masses and have agreed for us to be Singapore's distributors of their craft


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