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Our visit to Lux & Beyond Singapore

Exploring Artistry and Craftsmanship: A Day at Lux & Beyond Singapore with Verde Light Singapore

Our team embarked on a journey to Lux & Beyond's showroom. A warm welcome awaited us, with Kenneth as our gracious host.


Our team dived into the world of Serip, artistry lights from Portugal. Each light fixture bore the marks of skilled hands and a passion for design. Kenneth unraveled the story behind the fixtures, highlighting the use of raw materials like bronze and glass that ensured both durability and beauty. It was a lesson not just in manufacturing, but in the fusion of creativity and practicality.

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Kenneth provided our team with valuable advice on how to communicate the uniqueness of Serip's fixtures to our customers, making the lights' stories come alive.

Our visit wasn't just about lights; it was a bridge to understanding the dedication that goes into creating each piece. Armed with knowledge and inspiration, we hope to bring more magic of Serip's lights to you!

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