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Talk with Theresa

A Night of Illumination and Inspiration with Faro Barcelona at Verde Light Singapore

In the heart of Singapore's design hub, something special unfolded at Verde Light. A gathering that brought together designers and lighting enthusiasts, all eager to delve into the world of illumination. The occasion was graced by Theresa, a representative from Faro Barcelona, a renowned lighting shop based in Spain.

Amidst the cozy ambiance of Verde Light, Theresa shared insights about Faro Barcelona's lights – their unique functions and the company's background. It wasn't just a presentation; it was a casual and engaging conversation that sparked ideas and kindled creativity. From adaptable fixtures to the artistry of chandeliers, attendees got a glimpse into the marriage of design and functionality.

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Beyond the illuminating conversation, the event treated everyone to a delightful buffet. Amidst bites of delectable treats, attendees mingled, exchanged thoughts, and forged connections. And what's a gathering without takeaways? Goodie bags filled with lighting trinkets were handed out, a token of appreciation for the attendees' enthusiasm.

The evening came to a close with a sense of inspiration – a reminder of the transformative power of light in spaces and the beauty of connecting with fellow enthusiasts. It was a modest yet impactful event that illuminated not just the store but the minds and hearts of all who were present.

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