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moduline hang ceiling rec.png

Modu-line Series.

A ground breaking profile system for recessed, surface & suspended installation characterized by its high flexibility. The Moduline is equipped with integrated direct or indirect lighting modules plus the possibility of adding spots in order to combine general, accent and detailed lighting in 1 profile.

  • Multi Switch possible

  • Dimmable

  • CCT Choice

You are the composer and the Space is your stage.

Fixed Module Selections


Wide-line Module + LE-GO Module


General Lighting and Spot Lighting. 

LE-GO 10 Module

Spot lighting. Flood Throw or Spot Throw Options


LE-GO 5 Module

Spot lighting. Flood Throw or Spot Throw Options

moduline edit.png

Snipe7 Module

Accent lighting. 

Mag-Lume Module



Realizing the needs of increasingly tight spaces, the Mag-Lume System allows for modular change of fittings, as spaces change and shift. The quick-change system of multiple modules offer users the flexibility to achieve any effect and lux level for any requirement and setting with absolutely ZERO-TOOLS. It is safe to touch and fun to modularize!
With multiple mounting options available, the Mag-Lume System can be Suspended, Surface mounted or Recessed on any surface such as walls or ceilings


A multitude of modules to suit your every lighting need. All magnetic, all awesome


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