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The "Sabre" wall light, inspired by light sabers, is adjustable and installs on walls. It casts a captivating washing of light when tilted, enhancing the ambiance and architectural details. A fusion of futuristic design and functionality, perfect for any space.

VELA (3).jpg


The "Vela" collection offers pendant, wall, and floor lights with elegantly curved aluminum panels. Pendant version plays with light and shadow, wall version emits a soft glow, and floor version stands tall. Modern and versatile, "Vela" adds beauty to any space.


The "Pebble" wall light captures the grace of nature's pebbles. When illuminated, it emits a soft glow through its faux pebble arrangement, creating a serene ambiance. The textured design plays with light and shadow on your walls, adding a touch of natural tranquility to your space.

Sling ceiling spot 3lights.tif


The "Sling" pendant light combines form and function with its elegant design. Multiple hanging light tubes provide both visual appeal and even illumination. The interplay of light and shadow adds depth, creating a captivating ambiance in any space.

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