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Verde Light was established in 2010, specializing in a varied range of residential and commercial lighting products for both indoors and outdoors. With our unique and customisable products, we gained a reputation for quality and innovation, growing steadily to become one of Singapore’s recognised quality lighting suppliers. Our presence has also been growing steadily in the South East Asian Regions with projects in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

With our focus on good, comfortable light quality coupled with mechanically stable fittings, we introduced our own complete range of self-designed and manufactured lighting solutions from Taiwan, China & Thailand. This includes being the pioneer in PSB approved, Safety Marked Dimmable Solutions, IP Rated Solutions and Low Glare solutions. We are also the first in Singapore to provide 4 years onsite warranty all our products to Commercial and even Residential Projects. Recognizing that each concept is unique, our range of products can be customised to tailor to the needs of every project, while communicating and working closely with Architects, Interior Designers and Space Owners, bringing their concept into reality. 

Recognizing our quality and drive to have original products, international brands such as Vistosi, Ferroluce and Panzeri from Italy have singled us out to manage their product distribution in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

A small and tight knit team, Verde Light is supported by a team of 10, comprising of experienced Lighting Specialists and Mechanical Expertise. We have an Experiential showroom where guests can experience the various innovative and efficient designs and another 2400 sqft production warehouse where packing and customisation happens. For our warranty terms, we strive to achieve a 3-day turnover time.

With our professional Team and outstanding product range, Verde Light would be THE Choice in supporting your lighting needs.

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