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Dreizehngrad creates light combining tradition and modern spirit. The materials are shown pure and genuine. During manufacturing modern technologies and classic craftsmanship go hand in hand. Each light object is unique and one of a kind, lovingly shaped by hand.

Exclusively committed to the subject of light, the Company develops, manufacture and distribute lights from The City of Dresden – situated on the thirteenth degree (dreizehn grad) longitude – is their starting point and homebase since 2002. Their love for materials and the critical eye for essential detail, give rise to new collections continuously. The Dreizehngrad design language is clear and elegant. 

In addition to the existing product spectrum, Dreizehngrad also offers made-to-measure lighting solutions. With a strong feel for materials and shapes and a good attention to detail, they produce high-quality custom-made products.

Verde Light is the proud dealer for all Dreizehngrad products.

Industrial Collection

This collection is inspired by the design of classic industrial lamps. Mouth blown crystal glass combined with Oak Wood coming together beautifully. When switched on, a precise cone of light arises, without the glare. Designed by Kaschkasch








Funk is the mood enhancer among lamps. The simple design highlights the natural structure and grain of the Satin Walnut and Maple Wood Veneer 

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